Selling your Home: Do we need inspections?

Woo-hoo, you're getting ready to sell your house? Well, congratulations. But do you absolutely need inspections ahead of time? No, you don't, and here's why. Hi, I'm Nadia Alrawi, and here's why you as a seller don't have to have your inspections done ahead of time, because there's no law that tells you you have to. However, any good real estate agent will absolutely encourage you to do it, and here are three reasons why.


Number one, how are you going to price your house right if you have no idea what work the house needs? So if you need $50,000 worth of work, aren't you going to price it accordingly? Yes, absolutely. Number two, we have a contingency called the physical inspection period. That is the time where the buyers will do their own inspections and they have the right to do it, whether you do your own inspections or not. However, if you get it done by a reputable company, chances are they might actually wave this period, that I actually like to call the nail-biting period because that's a time where buyers can start negotiating the price or cancel the deal altogether. Number three, if you as a seller decide to do your inspections, you can choose whether or not you want to get that work taken care of or not. But if you do decide to do any of the major work your buyers are going to be inclined to write higher offers because they like to move in homes where they know there's not going to be any major work that needs to be done.


In summary, getting your inspections done ahead of time will not only maximize your profit, but it will also increase the chances for a smoother transaction. Hope this was helpful. For any questions, my number is below. Bye.

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