Meet the Team

Client-Centric Real Estate Solutions in Sonoma, Napa and Marin County - Meet the California Home Collective Team

At the heart of Sonoma County's real estate market, the California Home Collective stands out as a beacon of client dedication, honesty, and innovative collaboration. Our team, led by the dynamic duo of Robby Dearth and Nadia Alrawi, exemplifies a commitment to our core values, ensuring that every client receives a personalized, stress-free real estate experience.

Our mission is crystal clear: "Our team is dedicated to empowering both our clients and agents with commitment and support, through a culture of trust and innovation. We ensure every interaction is guided by our commitment to your needs and aspirations." Let's meet the dedicated team members who bring this mission to life every day.

Who we are.....

Nadia Alrawi - Co-Team Leader

Nadia Alrawi, a Real Estate Broker in Sonoma County, embodies our mission with her approachable, yet professional demeanor.  Nadia's commitment to being a reliable advisor is evident in her non-pushy, informative approach, ensuring clients are always at the forefront of every decision. Her motto is, the clients decide on what to do, we are here to guide and advise them through the process. 

Robby Dearth - Co-Team Leader

Robby Dearth co-leads our team with Nadia. Their relationship, blossoming from being colleagues to accountability partners, and finally co-founders, is a testament to our culture of trust and collaboration. Robby's leadership is anchored in innovation, driving the team forward with strategies that are as effective as they are forward-thinking.

Our Team Members

Nathan - The Veteran's Real Estate Ally in Northern California

Nathan, with his esteemed Coast Guard background, offers specialized real estate services, particularly for veterans in Sonoma County. His deep understanding of the unique needs of veteran homebuyers makes him an indispensable guide, ensuring their real estate goals are achieved with empathy and expertise.

Kyle - Detail-Oriented, Innovative Real Estate Services

Kyle, transitioning from the automotive industry, brings unparalleled attention to detail to the California Home Collective. His innovative approach, combining creative solutions with the latest real estate technologies, enhances our service quality, making each transaction smooth and efficient.

Jeff - Expert in Building Honest Client Relationships

Jeff’s background as a personal trainer has instilled in him the importance of honest, transparent relationships. In real estate, this translates into forming connections with clients based on mutual respect and clear communication, ensuring a supportive and informed journey towards their dream home.

Our core values - Client-Centric Commitment, Honesty and Transparency, and Collaborative Innovation - are the pillars of the California Home Collective. These principles guide us in delivering top-notch real estate services in Sonoma, Napa and Marin County, making us the go-to team for anyone looking to buy or sell homes in the region, or simply needing a resource for anything Real Estate Related. 

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