Investing Wisely: Backyard Renovations & Upgrades

To start, it’s important to remember that home upgrades — much like everything else in life — are a balancing act. While some typically add value, others might have you see very little return on investment (ROI). Another fact to remember is that style is subjective. What you see as an improvement, someone else may view as an inconvenience or maintenance hassle.

One upgrade a homeowner might love for themselves but may not pay off is an outdoor kitchen. While rising in popularity in some areas, creating a backyard galley to dine alfresco with the family comes at a cost. HomeAdvisor reports a starting price around $2,700 but can add up to $16,000. Whether this fun and functional addition is worth the investment depends on if the total value is justified by your expenditures.

There is also the maintenance aspect to consider. Just like an in-ground pool requires regular upkeep to perform as it should, so too does an outdoor kitchen. One way to balance the costs with the joys of open-air cooking is to invest in a gas grill with all the latest features rather than installing appliances and tabletops.

Making the space your own can be an enjoyable adventure worth undertaking. However, before jumping in on the DIY home improvement game, be sure to research the best strategies to boost your home’s value. For more examples of costly backyard mistakes, please see the accompanying resource.

Graphic created by Pool Troopers.

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